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Most Expense VS Best Tasting Coffees in the World

By :Victor Kidd 0 comments
Most Expense VS Best Tasting Coffees in the World

The most expensive coffee in the world also happens to be one of the strangest. Developed by Canadian entrepreneur Blake Dinkin, Black Ivory Coffee is made by feeding coffee seeds — often called coffee cherries — to elephants, then collecting the beans from the animal's dung before they're cleaned and processed. The resulting coffee is said to be mellow and a bit nutty thanks fermentation in the digestive system, and sells for a whopping $120 for just over an ounce, about four to five espresso-sized servings. A pound of the stuff would set you back nearly $2,000.

LACREMA'S coffees are much better and a whole lot less expensive. Our coffees have a delicious coffee aroma and have never been smothered in animal dung.

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