Does your coffee have allergens, gluten, extra sweeteners or nutritional content? 

No! Our coffee is allergen and gluten free, all flavorings contain ZERO additional sweeteners and black coffee has virtually no calories. We use natural and artificial flavoring for our flavored coffees.

Do your flavored coffees come in decaf?

Yes! All of our flavors are available in decaf.

How fresh is the coffee? 

Every bag is made to order every time! We do not back stock any of our coffees.

How long does it take it get my coffee? 

Retail lead times are around 3-5 business days (we’re not open on weekends) and wholesale lead times are 7-10 business days during our busiest season.

What is your standard roast and standard grind for the coffee?

We medium roast all of our coffee (unless specified in name, ex: French Roast Colombian). All of our coffee is ground at a drip coffee grind, so it is not fine enough for an espresso machine nor coarse enough for a French Press. We can grind coarse, drip or fine by request.