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La Crema Coffee Company

Beach Coffee Collection

Beach Coffee Collection

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Introducing our Beach Coffee Collection, where every sip is a seaside escape! 🏖️ Dive into flavors inspired by the tranquil shores, from the bold and invigorating 'Sunrise Surf' to the smooth and creamy 'Coconut Dream.' Let the waves of flavor wash over you with each cu

Flavors Include:

MORNING SUNRISE - Breakfast Blend (a five bean blend)

CHASING SUNSETS- Brazilian Sunset (almond, coconut & caramel)

SALTY MERMAID- Salted Caramel (caramel with a touch of salt)

HIGH TIDE HAZELNUT- Hazelnut ( a classic hazelnut flavor)

COASTAL COCONUT - Coconut (classic coconut flavor)

BLUE SKY BLUEBERRIES - Blueberry Crumble (fresh from the oven!)

SAND CASTLE COLOMBIAN - (a smooth rich taste & deep mellow body)